The DNA, also called National Higher Permanent Committee for the CDM, is presided over by H.E the Minister of Energy and is composed of the main federal and local government bodies.

The Ministerial Decree No 25 of 2005 describes the main functions of the Higher Committee as follows:

Ensure that any activity within the framework of CDM will help in achieving sustainable development in UAE

Ensure that activities within the framework of CDM will lead to the transfer of environmentally safe and sound technologies and serve UAE purposes

Taking decisions related to activities of CDM

Monitoring of CDM projects in UAE through collection of related data

The committee acts as the capacity of the designated national authority with the Executive Board of CDM

Follow up of the decisions issued from the Executive Board of the CDM

Raise all issues related to the CDM to the Council of Ministers

Practice all technical, economic and legal aspects related to the CDM

Headed by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, an Executive Committee was created in February 2006 which is responsible for CDM implementation related to scientific, economic and legal activities to provide recommendations to the Higher Committee. As such, the EAD currently hosts the DNA Executive Committee of the DNA and it mandate to review the submitted Projects and give recommendations to the HNC.

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