Host Country Approval

DNA Approval Process
DNA has rules and procedures in place for project approval, which help to enhance the UAE's successful participation in CDM project activities. The procedure for the UAE DNA project approval is illustrated below and is a two-step procedure - Recognition of the PIN and the Final Approval of Project.

Recognition of the PIN
The project proponent submits the completed Project Idea Note (PIN) to the DNA for recognition. The PIN includes information on the type of project, its location, methodology, and additionality, financial aspects and conformity with national sustainable development policy. The Executive Committee of the Designated National Authority (EC-DNA) once it receives the PIN will:

  • Verify that the project idea conforms with the framework of sustainability criteria
  • Issue a letter stating that the DNA recognizes that the project under preparation follows the sustainability criteria.

Final Approval of the Project
The final approval is based on the review of a Project Design Document (PDD). The PDD is an official UNFCCC document that includes the following sections:

  • General description of project activity
  • Application of baseline and monitoring methodology (including the selection of baseline scenario, an explanation of how the project meets the additionality requirements, a monitoring plan and emission reduction calculations)
  • Duration of the project activity
  • Environmental analysis
  • Stakeholders' comments

The project proponent requests an approval of the project from the DNA by submitting the PDD. The EC-DNA will:

  • Review the PDD to assure the project's impact on sustainability is in line with the sustainability criteria of the UAE. If the project has a negative or ambiguous impact vis-a-vis the sustainability criteria the DNA will request additional information.
  • Forward a recommendation of the project (with the PDD attached) to the National Higher Permanent Council, NHPC. If the project receives a favorable evaluation it will be approved.
  • The DNA will then issue a one page official "Letter of Approval", which lists the project adherence or variation from the sustainability criteria as well as confirmation of voluntary participation

Host Country Approval
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